Alexandru Dancu
PhD Student
Visual Arena and Room 321, Kuggen, 3rd Floor, Lindholmen, Gothenburg

Personal Information: 


PhD student


Alexandru Dancu is a PhD student at the Computer-Science Research School, Chalmers University of Technology, working on Human-Computer Interaction topics. He gained his MSc. in Embedded Computing System with the thesis project at University of Southampton, UK. His BSc. degree was in Computer-Science with the thesis project at School of Computing, National University of Singapore.

Research Interest:

His research interests are designing for mobile projected displays, mid-air, and transformable displays.


For the course Tangible Interaction 2014/2015 together with the post-doc Ayça Ünlüer, he proposed two projects for ten Interaction Design Masters students. One group chose the project with prototyping deformable displays and already published at a student conference in Interaction Design the Embrace: Emotion Sharing Bracelet.
The other group worked on a project that was submitted for mobileCHI.

He guided advised two Software Engineering Masters Students, who were interns at the company: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Ltd, Japan with the thesis topic of developing an gesture input framework for in-cell optical touchscreens that get touch points by detecting reflected light. Their Masters thesis can be downloaded here.
During summer I advised Mickaël Fourgeaud during his internship. We worked on two projects that were published, the underwater reconstruction and a submission for mobileCHI.

He advised two MSc. students in Interaction Design, Chalmers, with the topic of public displays with input based on gestures and motion parallax. Together Stig Nielsen, PhD student at Architecture Dept., he proposed and guided a project for the Tangible Interaction 2013/2014 course for six MSc. students in Interaction Design.
The project involved designing and cutting styrofoam blocks which were growing into an organic structure under guidance of light projected from the top. The project was evaluated at the Tangible and Embodied Interaction 2014 conference and published at alt.CHI 2015.


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