In CERMIT, we suggest a concept and a system to support co-located and remote actors in organizational Emergency Response Management (ERM) training and work practice.

Central issues in Emergency Response Management (ERM) are collaborative processes, information-flow, -sharing, and -prioritization. For ERM personnel, the processes of reaching common ground, a common operational picture (COP), and a common understanding of the emergency situation are of key importance. In CERMIT, we suggest a concept and a system to support co-located and remote actors in organizational ERM training and work practice. Our concept revolves around a shared geographical representation of the emergency situation. Each involved actor can contribute data to the representation to create a common operational picture. Relevant data ranges from field unit reports to headquarters commands. The goal of this project is to create a tool to better support information loops and situation awareness among ERM actors. Our prototypical system consists of a multi-user tabletop interface and mobile devices. The tabletop interface is based on the tracking of light pens. Changes made on the tabletop interface are reflected on the mobiles devices and vice versa, realizing information loops among involved actors.

Publications or Reports

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Project Status

No current activity

Former workers: Ali Alavi, Brice Clocher, Anders Rudback