In order to overcome the limitation of commercially available groupware (hardware and software for co-located and remote collaboration), a novel device named CollaBoard was designed. CollaBoard allows distant partner to work together on a shared electronic whiteboard as if they were standing side-by-side in front of it. Compared to other remote collaboration systems, the CollaBoard presents the live video streams situated within the shared workspace.

The ongoing globalization of company activities and the increasing product complexity lead to a higher demand for collaboration. This collaboration can be on site in the context of regular meetings, or remote between two or more geographically distributed sites. The collaboration itself can be within a company, or e.g. between a system integrator and a supplier. In the case of remote collaboration, audio, video, and data conferencing are used to communicate between the different sites.

Publications or Reports

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Project Status

No current activity

Former workers: Morten Fjeld, Ramon Hofer, Andreas Kunz, Thomas Nescher