Daniel Sjölie
PhD, MSc.
Room 301, Kuggen, 3rd Floor, Lindholmen-Gothenburg

Personal Information: 


Associate Senior Lecturer


Dr. Daniel Sjölie is an associate senior lecturer at the department of applied IT, University of Gothenburg. His research interests primarily concern human-computer interaction (HCI) related to virtual reality (VR) and cognition, specifically with connections to human brain function. Multi-disciplinary aspects are central to much of this work and connecting different areas such as computer graphics and cognitive neuroscience is a recurring theme. VR, together with augmented and mixed reality, provide a rich area of applications where the freedom to shape complex and interactive computer-generated environments can be used to design applications based in an understanding of human brain function.

Research Interest:

Human-Computer Interaction, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Human Brain Function, Computer Graphics, Affective Computing.

Invited Talks:

Spring 2014, Human Reasoning Seminar, University of Gothenburg

September 2013, SweCog conference, Sweden.


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