Khanh-Duy Le
PhD Student

Personal Information: 


PhD Student


Duy currently is a full-time PhD student at the t2i lab, Chalmers University of Technology. Duy earned his bachelor's degree in software engineering with first class honors from the Ho Chi Minh University of Science in Vietnam. He then finished a double-diploma master's program in Multimedia in a program jointly conducted by VNU-HCMC (Vietnam), Télécom ParisTech (France), and Eurécom (France). He gradually stepped into the field of HCI through a number of projects related to tabletops and interactive surfaces during his undergraduate studies. This progression led to his master's thesis on enhancing the audiovisual experience on mobile devices with haptic effects as a research intern at Technicolor R&I in Rennes, France. Now he is happy to be able to focus completely on human-computer interaction. His research interests are on the interplay among multiple touch surfaces, embodied technologies, augmented reality, mid-air gestural interaction and interactive gadgets.

Aside from HCI, Duy loves exploring nature (Bavaria and the Alps are his favorite destinations), body-weight workouts, online chatting with close friends, and cooking (sometimes). He also strongly supports Steve Jobs’ piece of wisdom that one may only connect the dots of their life's events while looking backwards because he feels that this has been true to his experience in life.

Research Interest:

Tangible User Interfaces, Embodied Technologies, Augmented Reality, Mid-air Gestural Interaction


Eiffel Scholarship recipient
Gold Prize of APCS Hack-a-thon 2011 - the first mobile hack-a-thon for students in Vietnam.
Nominee of "Best Internship Award of Technicolor 2014"
Second-prize of the Ho Chi Minh University of Science's Challenge 2010 (aka "Thach Thuc 2010")


Tabletop Computing (2015-Present)


MERCO (2015-Present)