ForceFeedback Slider

ForceFeedbackSlider (FFS) is a platform for multi-factor, one-dimensional input-output. Physics education often relies on the visualization of theoretical laws. While Java animations are widely used, they lack user interaction. We propose a haptic device that invites users to interact with the laws of physics. Based on an in-house design – first, analog, and later, digital HW – we have developed a prototype simulating a catapult’s operation. A second application enables direct interaction with playback loops. We have completed a collaboration with the Harvard Medical School, where we explored medical applications of the FFS technology, as it may effectively analyze multi-objective optimization problems. We are now developing our second generation of interactive sliders, investigating data physicalisation and exploration.

Project partner and sponsor:  Joacim Forssell,  ALPS ELECTRIC CO., LTD., Japan/Sweden

Publications or Reports

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Project Status

Currently work: Identifying new application areas within data exploration.

Active workers: Paweł Woźniak, Lars Lischke

Former workers: Ilya Nilsson, Ali Shahrokni, Tomas Gustafsson, Julio Jenaro,Martin Schrittenloher, Andreas Vinnberg, Adjan Kretz, Remo Huber

Future plans: Studies with expert users analysing data with sliders

Open positions: See the openings page