Jesper Molin
PhD Student
Sectra AB, Linköping

Personal Information: 


Industrial Phd-student


Jesper is industrial Phd-student at the t2i Lab, Chalmers University of Technology, in collaboration with Sectra AB, a Swedish medical technology company that provides industry-leading radiology IT, orthopaedic, osteoporosis and rheumatology solutions. In 2012 he gained double degrees, an engineering degree in applied physics and electrical engineering and a MSc in biomedical engineering. As undergraduate student, he also took courses in electrical engineering during two semesters at Polytech’Montpellier, Université Montpellier II. In his master thesis he explored the possibilities of measuring mental stress using a portable consumer ECG device in order to help people live more relaxed lives together with the manufacturer of the device, Minovi AB.

His current research efforts is within the field of Digital Pathology, where he explores why automatic systems are hardly used within clinical routine diagnostics. By using a human centered design approach instead of the technology driven approach, which is completely dominant within the medical field, the hope is that the next generation of systems will be able to help pathologists take better decisions and work more efficiently.

Besides research, he enjoys traveling, cooking, socializing and other random activities.

Research Interest:

Human-Computer Interaction, Image processing, Digital Pathology, Computer Aided Diagnostics, Input devices.


Methods for complex medical volume visualization based on clinical tasks and cognitive processes
Swedish Scientific Council, grant 2011-4138

Optimized flows and IT tools for digital pathology
VINNOVA, grant 2012-01121
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