Lab head, Professor
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Morten is the person who started the t2i-lab, around 2004. He has researched tangible user interfaces for a while, started a conference (IEEE TableTop), and imported quite a few human-computer interaction projects and contacts from ETH Zurich.

Focus of Interest: Other interest which Morten pursues are yoga, traveling, languages, cooking, pre-alpine- and alpine activities, water color painting, and enjoying good company.

PC member at CSCW conference.

Duy currently is a full-time PhD student at the t2i lab, Chalmers University of Technology. Duy earned his Bachelor degree in Software Engineering with First Class Honors from the Ho Chi Minh University of Science in Vietnam. He then finished a double-diploma master program in Multimedia in a program jointly conducted by VNU-HCMC (Vietnam), Télécom ParisTech (France) and Eurécom (France). His research interests are on the interplay among multiple touch surfaces, embodied technologies, augmented reality, mid-air gestural interaction and interactive gadgets.

Tomasz is a PhD student at t2i Lab. He is interested in applying Computer Science to problems requiring multidisciplinary competences. His research interests include: dialogue management with Machine learning, voice interfaces, C&CS, cognitive computing, the automatic understanding paradigm, fuzzy logic, big data visualisation, Human-Robot Interaction. In his free time, he likes to experiment and sometimes makes time to practice sports (if he finds the time to go to the gym or something). He is currently working within the Wallenberg Autonomous Systems and Software Program, the “Interaction and Communication with Autonomous Agents in Sensor-Rich Environments” project.

Mehmet is a graduate fellow at Koç University‘s Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities and a human-computer interaction researcher affiliated with Qualisys ABChalmers University of Technology‘s t2i Interaction Laboratory, and Koç University‘s “Happern” Interactive Information Design Research Group. Previously he took part in founding the Koç University Design Lab and the Koç University – Arçelik Research Center for Creative Industries. He has bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering and economics from Koç University, as well as a master’s degree in interaction design from Koç University’s Design, Technology and Society graduate programme.

Master Student

Selman is a master student at Design, Technology & Society program of Koc University and an exchange student in t2i Lab. He holds industrial engineering bachelor degree and his master thesis focuses on sound and soundscape interactions.

+34 626.729.649

Allen Smith is Vice President of Customer Experience and Head of UX at DMI. His team’s mission is to create world-class mobile products and services that drive adoption and loyalty.

Assistant Professor

The last few years, researchers and educators, as well as game designers have expressed a growing awareness of the educational potential of computer games. However, it is also generally agreed that designing successful educational computer games is a difficult task often resulting in games that either lack the educational potential or are no fun to play. People with different backgrounds, such as engineers, designers, academics, and pedagogues have to work together to develop successful educational games.


  • background: PhD from TU Eindhoven, Netherlands.
  • focus of interest: Games and education

Post Doc Researcher
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Dr. Mohammad Obaid is a postdoctoral fellow at the t2i Lab, Chalmers University of Technology. In 2007, he gained his MSc. degrees from the Computer Science and Software Engineering Department, at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, in which he gained First Class Honours. In 2011, he gained his PhD. degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Post Doc Researcher
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Evren Yantaç, is a researcher and lecturer in the interactive media design field. While leading the educational issues of the “interactive media design” department of Yildiz Technical University for the last 5 years, he has been teaching information design, presentation design and project courses focusing on case studies in interface design. Working with Prof. Dr. Oguzhan Özcan, he focused on techniques for triggering the creativity of interaction design students. They have a book, a book chapter and several citation indexed journal articles on the subject.

PhD Student

Tommaso was a Master Student from Torino (I) and Grenoble (F). Now he has a full PhD position at Chalmers.


  • background: ,
  • focus of interest: Image Analysis, HCI

Industrial PhD student working at Qualisys AB and the t2i lab. Investigating algorithms and HCI solutions for motion capture used in infant research.
• background: Computer Science, Computational Systems Biology
• focus of interest: Probabilistic modeling, HCI

Dr. Daniel Sjölie is an associate senior lecturer at the department of applied IT, University of Gothenburg. His research interests primarily concern human-computer interaction (HCI) related to virtual reality (VR) and cognition, specifically with connections to human brain function. Multi-disciplinary aspects are central to much of this work and connecting different areas such as computer graphics and cognitive neuroscience is a recurring theme.

Ayça received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design at the Art and Design Faculty of Yildiz Technical University (YTU). She completed both her Master’s thesis on sound implementation in touch surfaces and her PhD thesis on new methods in gestural interface design education at the Interactive Media Design Program in YTU. She gives courses on concept development, design ergonomics, data visualization, typographic animation, icon design and multimedia projects in YTU and İstanbul Bilgi University. Her current interests are natural user interfaces, creative thinking and playing ukulele.

Postdoc, U. of Stuttgart

Paweł Woźniak is a former PhD student at the t2i Lab. He believes that the future of computing lies in creating engaging experiences and smart environments that not only alleviate everyday problems, but also make lives more interesting. Transdisciplinary methods are his thing and he thinks that a good blend of design thinking and technical skills is needed to create the systems of the future.

Visiting Researcher

Chen Chen is a PhD candidate at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and researched crowdsourcing during her stay at Chalmers as a guest researcher.
background: NUS-HCI Lab
focus of interest: HCI, Crowdsourcing, Mobile Interaction

Alexandru Dancu is a PhD student at the Computer-Science Research School, Chalmers University of Technology. He gained his MSc. in Embedded Computing System with the thesis project at University of Southampton, UK. His Eng. degree was in Computer-Science with the thesis project at School of Computing, National University of Singapore. His research interest is on designing for mobile projected displays, mid-air, and deformable displays.

Master Student

Developing applications for QualiTrack system, and improving the system characteristics.


  • background: Computer Engineering
  • focus of interest: HCI, User Interface Design, Computer Graphics

Master's Student

Mickael is a research assistant, pursuing a Master at the Computer Science Department of Chalmers University. Supporting the research team, he contributes to multiple research projects.

Background: Computer Sciences, Physics, Engineering

Focus of interest: Human-Computer Interactions (HCI), Productization

Gabriele is the current intern at t2i Lab. Originally from Lithuania, she is pursuing a degree in Software Engineering and Management at Gothenburg University. There she focuses on interface design, algorithms, and software processing. At the t2i Lab, she is working on a collaborative design with users to control quad copters. By working directly with users, she hopes to develop a more intuitive, body-gesture based control scheme.

Przemek is a PhD student a Lodz University of Technology who is a guest researcher with t2i. His main research interests have traditionally been with algorithms and artificial intelligence, but recently he has recently began working with HCI. In his free time, he works with the student union, reading books, and skiing in the winter.

Master Student

Working on the Master Thesis, Smartphone Multitasking And Reassignable Tabletop Tangibles which is a research initiative to explore an interaction framework for multitasking smartphone content within a tabletop computing environment.


  • background: Software engineering and Interaction Design

Erik is working as an editor for t2i Lab

Ilya is writing his master’s thesis “Intelligent haptics for optimizing multiparametric medical treatment plans”, which is an application of the FFSlider project combined with machine learning to radiology.


  • background: Engineering Physics, Complex Adaptive Systems
  • focus of interest: Automation, Application of technology to medicine, Software development. Physics, Economics and Complex Systems in general.

Collaborator, PhD Student at U. Stuttgart

Lars wrote his thesis entitled “Improving the effectiveness of interactive data analytics with phone-tablet combinations” while visiting the t2i lab on an internship from University of Stuttgart. He is now a PhD student at VIS-HCI, University of Stuttgart and remains an active t2i collaborator.


  • background: Computer Science
  • focus of interest: HCI, Ubiquitous computing, large screens

PhD Student

Industrial PhD student sharing my time between t2i and Sectra. Researching HCI solutions for efficient interaction with medical datasets.


  • background: Engineering physics, Biomedical engineering
  • focus of interest: HCI

Former master student

Ben was an exchange student from University of Stuttgart, Germany. He stayed at the lab from Oct. 2013 till May 2014 and wrote his diploma thesis “Facilitating data exploration in casual mobile settings with multi-device interaction”. He is now pursuing a doctorate at TU Braunschweig.

t2i Affiliated

    • Anders Rudback – Lab manager 2010-2012
    • Benedikt Voegtli – Int. designer, Basel, CH
    • Brice Clocher – Previous lab member
    • Eric Deleglise – Previous lab member
    • Martin Sundin – Postdoc 2009, founder of Monkfish
    • Ramon Hofer – PhD researcher, ETH Zurich, CH
    • Richard Carlsson – Lab manager 2006-2008
    • Sven Berg Ryen – Previous lab member
    • Wolfgang Mähr – Lab manager 2004-2005


  • Adjan Kretz
  • Ali Alavi
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  • Eddie Larsson
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