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Chalmers and the National University of Singapore (NUS) have a longstanding collaboration in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and, more recently, related fields such as Computer Graphics and Software Engineering. As a part of this collaboration, we are happy to announce a new opportunity for students to study and live in Singapore for up to six months (January – June 2018) and carry out their Master’s thesis project with a research group at NUS. Accepted applicants will be paid a scholarship to cover additional cost of living expenses.


Details on how to apply are offered below:


Research topics:

Applicants are asked to suggest a Master’s thesis proposal based on one of the research topics:
MSc topics



We are seeking second year Master’s students who will do their thesis work during the Spring 2018 term.


Deadline is 25 June 2017

The Chalmers-NUS partnership has long been focused on HCI, but with the recent expansion of the partnership’s scope, we are looking for students from a variety of fields of study. Given the research topics above, we are principally looking for students from the following fields:


-Applied mechanics
-Communication engineering
-Complex adaptive systems
-Computer science-algorithms, languages and logic
-Computer systems and network
-Embedded electronic system design
-Interaction design and technologies
-Product Development
-Production Engineering
-Software engineering
-Sound and vibration
-Systems, control and mechatronics
-Wireless, photonics and space engineering


However, we welcome qualified applicants from other programs as long as you can relate the project to your degree program. (Hint: Speak with an advisor in your department first and make the relation clear in your motivation letter.)


Additionally, we request that all applicants have completed all courses, exams, and other requirements of their degree program, aside from the Master’s thesis.


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Application and Study Schedule:


The most important deadlines and milestones to note are the following:




01 May: Announce openings
10 June: Candidates submit applications (deadline extended)
10-15 June: Selection process (extended)
15-20 June: Interviews with candidates (extended)
20 June: Decision (extended)
01 July: Preparations
05 Oct: Document submission for travel scholarship
20 Oct: Firm decision for travel scholarship
20 Nov: Submission of Master’s thesis proposal
01 Dec: Acceptance of Master’s thesis proposal
01 Dec: Submission of refined Master’s thesis proposal
01-30 Dec: Literature study and research methodology training




15 Jan: Travel to Singapore
20 Jan: Start Master’s thesis project
30 Jun: Completion of thesis project
01 Sep: Thesis presentation and grading at Chalmers


How to apply:

All students must upload the following in PDF format using the form on the right.


1. Motivation letter.
2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
3. Transcripts, with grades, for all undergraduate (BSc) courses.
4. Transcripts, with grades, for all graduate (MSc) courses.


The motivation letter should address the following:

-Reason for wanting to participate.
-Which of the offered research topics you would like to work on.
-How you plan to relate the research topic into a thesis in your degree field.


Additional Considerations:
We have written a guide to to help students understand life in Singapore a little better. Read it here.


Applicants must have a Swedish bank account in order to receive payments from Chalmers’ Adlerbertska travel scholarship.


Applicants must apply for full insurance coverage, described in these places:
Instructions will follow after selection process is closed.


NUS will assist selected candidates with the visa application process. This process takes about six weeks, on average. Accepted students must have a passport where expiry date is sufficiently far into the future to allow applying for a “trainee” visa.


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