Paweł Woźniak
Postdoc, U. of Stuttgart

Personal Information: 


Postdoc, U. of Stuttgart


Paweł Woźniak is a doctoral student at the t2i Lab, Chalmers University of Technology. Holding an MSc diploma from Lodz University of Technology, he has been involved in research since 2010. He was introduced to Human-Computer Interaction during his stay at the Technical University of Denmark and since then he participated in a variety of projects ranging from designing for medical environments to optimising study environments. He joined Chalmers in August 2012 as an Early Stage Researcher in the DIVA EU ITN. While Paweł was educated as an engineer, he believes in the core role of interdisciplinary work and the need for a broad understanding of the world to make sense of HCI. On a regular day, you can see him running between rooms and struggling with his Swedish.
In his free time, he enjoys running, languages, high-energy physics, capoeira, cycling and winter sports. He believes a skiing holiday a year is required to survive and research conferences are mainly about running in new places.

Research Interest:

Human-Computer Interaction, HCI and Sports, Ubiquitous Computing, Engaging Experiences, Persuasive Technology, Multi-Surface Environments, Tangible Interfaces


MobileHCI 2013 Gadgeteer Hackathon Winner

Selected as one of world’s top Young Digital Innovators for the ITU Telecom World ’11 in Geneva by the International Telecommunication Union

Awarded a scientific excellence scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education in 2012

Regional students scientist scholarship – 2011 and 2012

Ranked 1st in the National English Language Competition for Technical University Students in 2011

Invited Talks:

March 2015, NUS-HCI Seminar, Singapore

May 2014, Vetenskapsrouletten @ Gothenburg Science Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden.

February 2014, SCCIIL Interdisciplinary Center, Gothenburg Sweden

April 2013, Lodz ACM Chapter, Łódź, Poland

April 2012, Polish IA Summit, Warsaw, Poland


One of the teaching leads in DESTINE Erasmus IP (

In Sweden: Tabletop Computing, Prototyping, Tangible Interaction

In Poland: Pervasive Computing, Team Project




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