Touch&Type is meant to overcome many of the drawbacks encountered with conventional integrated pointing devices. Touch&Type combines a conventional keyboard with an extended touch pad whereby the touch pad’s sensitive area is formed by the surface of the keys themselves and thus can be made as large as the whole key area.

Capacitive sensing technology has long been used in various areas of manufacturing, medicine and computer engineering. We focus on the use of capacitive sensors as a means for controlling mouse cursors by stroking a finger over the keyboard surface. The objective is to replace conventional computer mice and touchpads by integrating a capacitive sensing surface under the keyboard. The advantage of this approach is that the required space for pointing devices in laptops is reduced. This technology can also be implemented in devices such as mobile phones and remote controls for navigation. However, due to the thickness of the keys on the keypad, the finger operates a few millimeters above the sensing surface. We present GorillaFist, which seamlessly integrates keyboard typing and cursor control. Also, multi pointer operation allows for scrolling. The key to the solution is a matrix of sensors – instead of a sensor pattern – consisting of elongated cells.

Publications or Reports

  • W. Fallot-Burghard, M. Fjeld, C. Speirs, S. Ziegenspeck, H. Krueger, and T. Läubli. 2006. Touch & Type: A Novel Pointing Device for Notebook Computers. (NordiCHI 2006). PP. 465-468.   
Project Status

Not currently active

Former workers: Niklas Berggren, Iman Habib, Gustav Josefsson, Erik Rehn