WASP’s Project: Interaction and Communication with Autonomous Agents in Sensor-Rich Environments
The project Interaction and Communication with Autonomous Agents in Sensor-Rich Environments, a part of Wallenberg Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP), is being conducted with researchers from Linköping and Lund University and is led by prof. Anders Ynnerman. More details available on the WASP programme's website: http://wasp-sweden.org   Below you'll find a short description of the sub-project supervised by prof. Morten Fjeld, the head of the t2i Lab:   This sub-project takes a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) approach on agents for sensor-rich environments. Interfaces facilitating interaction and communication with cognitive assistants is a key topic of research. Enhancing user capabilities through available, cutting-edge hardware and software solutions is a priority along with the transparency and accessibility of the methods employed. An emphasis is also put on giving the user a high degree of control on data involved, as we assume that this will enhance the adoption of the cognitive companion systems in society. As people tend to lack trust in solutions holding all day-to-day data while offering low transparency, a further aim is to investigate how trust can be improved, and also, how intuitive interaction can be achieved.
Project Status

Currently being worked on: concept development

Active workers: Tomasz Kosiński