Zlatko Franjcic
PhD Student
Qualisys Inc., Packhusgatan 6, 411 13 Gothenburg

Personal Information: 


PhD student


Zlatko Franjcic is an industrial PhD student at Qualisys Inc. (http://www.qualisys.com) and the t2i Lab, Chalmers University of Technology. He is an early-stage researcher participating in the ACT project (http://eu-act.org/). After obtaining an MSc degree in computer science from ETH Zurich in Switzerland, and spending a 10-month research internship at the t2i Lab in 2007/08, he worked as a software engineer at Gbanga (http://gbanga.com/) and Hewlett-Packard Switzerland (http://h40043.www4.hp.com/home/duebendorf_e.htm), before returning to the t2i Lab in 2013 to start his PhD studies.

Zlatko’s current research explores the boundary between HCI and computer vision. In particular, he is interested in human-automation coordination for computer vision applications. The reference system used for the research is the Qualisys motion capture system, while the reference application is motion capture for developmental psychology experiments. By employing assistive technology that is driven by human interaction, the goal is to make motion capture more accessible and easier to use for developmental psychology researchers.
In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, travelling, hiking, volunteer work, sketching/drawing, photography and socialising.

Research Interest:

Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion.


ACT Initial Training Network, REA Grant Agreement 289404.


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