Welcome to the t2i Interaction Laboratory

We are a group of Chalmers researchers and graduate students exploring how emerging interactive technologies can benefit problem solving and collaboration. Our research efforts are oriented towards projects within Collaboration (MERCO), Autonomous Systems and Software (WASP), and Motion Capture (with Qualisys AB). Coming November, we are organisers of the ACM VRST 2017.

Jan 17 - 2017
ACM VRST 2017: Come join the ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology at Chalmers Lindholmen, 08-10 Nov 2017.
Sep 17 - 2016
Conference paper in IEEE RO-MAN:
A fuzzy data-based model for Human-Robot Proxemics
Nov 27 - 2017
PhD student position in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) with Application on Industrial Tomography
Jan 17 - 2017
National University of Singapore (NUS): Master’s Thesis Project